The auctioneering profession can sell some quirky and wonderful things at times, and there are currently two amazing Victorian island forts up for auction.  

The two island forts called Spitbank Fort in Hampshire and No Man’s Land Fort off the Isle of Wight, and they both have a guide price of £1,000,000 each.  

Spitbank Fort is one of three forts built during the 1860s to guard Portsmouth from French naval attacks, and it has upper walls consisting of thick armour plating, constructed to resist high explosive rounds. It comprises of nine guest suites, staff accommodation, event spaces, and an accessible private landing stage.  

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No Man’s Fort has a main entrance via the lower level and boat landing stage. The lowest level of the fort has been transformed into entertaining space. Meanwhile, the roof deck has additional facilities like hot tubs, a fire pit, a bar, and Nordic bothy. There is also the Lord Nelson Pub, The Cabaret Bar Nightclub, and extra entertaining spaces are positioned on the lower and upper levels of the fort.  

David Leary, NAVA Propertymark member and Director of Essential Information Group, says:  “These two island forts have so much potential to be transformed into something amazing for anyone who is fortunate enough to buy them. They both need people who believe in their potential to bid for them.  
“Although these two properties are certainly fascinating, auctions are becoming an ever more popular option for many people to buy and sell traditional homes. The pace at which transactions come to fruition is growing in popularity, especially with those who may be keen to complete their move on a fast turnaround. It is always worth talking to a NAVA Propertymark member who will be able to offer support and guidance if you are considering buying or selling via auction.” 

According to NAVA Propertymark, 52 per cent of its members report an increase in the number of lots being offered, which demonstrates how auctioning continues to be an ever more popular option for many people to sell their property.  

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